Airports in Texas

ICAO IATA Name Location Length
KTME TME Houston Executive Airport Houston 2015 m
KAUS AUS Austin Bergstrom International Airport Austin 3730 m
KIAH IAH George Bush Intercontinental Houston Airport Houston 3658 m
KDAL DAL Dallas Love Field Dallas 23602 m
KAMA AMA Rick Husband Amarillo International Airport Amarillo 4115 m

Air Ambulance in Texas


Air Ambulance Service in Texas: Choosing a Dependable Best Medical Air Transport Provider in Texas
Emergency medical transfers have come a long way. In the early days, ambulances were only there to take the patients to the hospital. At best, the ambulances would have a paramedic team to cater to patients. But nowadays, ambulances are equipped with cutting-edge medical equipment to provide better care to patients.

Besides, for long-distance medical transfers, we now have air ambulances.
Initially, only the military would use a medical air ambulance service to transfer critically wounded soldiers from the battlefield to nearby hospitals. Now, air ambulances have become a necessity. Apart from government officials and VIPs, even regular people are using these services. Also, they’re an excellent transportation option for coronavirus patients.

The Importance of Medical Air Transport Services
Medical air transport services offer more benefits than regular ambulances.
Firstly, air ambulances can travel long distances in a short period. Whether you are transporting an organ or transferring a critical patient, air ambulances offer lightning-fast speeds. There are no delays or roadblocks.
Secondly, air ambulances offer outstanding comfort. Ground ambulances travel on the road and have to deal with traffic and poor road conditions. Planes and helicopters get to avoid those obstacles. Thus, the transit is not just fast but also super comfortable.

Lastly, modern air ambulances are well-equipped with medical instruments and tools. They’re like small emergency rooms in the air. Alongside the equipment, these air ambulances also have well-trained medical staff on board.
They monitor the patient throughout the journey and cater to their every need. In a way, they start treating the patient the moment they get on the flight.

Why Choose AirJet.Line?
When it comes to air ambulances in Texas, you will have several options to choose from. However, in terms of medical service, comfort, and professionalism, not many will come close to AirJet.Line.
At AirJet.Line, we strive to ensure that your loved ones get the best treatment and service possible. We leave no stone unturned in our efforts to cater to our patients.

Here is why you should choose our company as your medical air ambulance service in Texas:
World-Class Services
We offer bed-to-bed transfers in airports across Amarillo, Austin, Dallas, and Houston. The moment we are on the ground, we finalize arrangements to transfer the patient to a nearby hospital.
Furthermore, we provide organ transport and medevac services. We even offer specialized incubators for the transfer of neonatal patients. Also, we’ll help you with the necessary documentation to arrange an air ambulance.

Extensive Fleet
Our fleet consists of flights with the latest medical equipment on board. We also operate a fleet of helicopters as air ambulances. These are for cases where our planes can’t find an airport to land or reach certain areas.
Onboard Medical Care
Our onboard medical crew operates the best air ambulance equipment to treat your loved one during the journey. The crew is trained to handle critical mid-air emergencies. So, whatever the crisis, our team of experts

can handle it while you are in transit.
Medical emergencies can occur anytime. So, if you ever face something like that in Texas and need an air ambulance, reach out to us at AirJet.Line.

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