As part of our work in coordinating private and ambulance flights, we first and foremost see the safety of the customer and the use of the latest aircraft fleet which performs extensive and stringent inspections and works with all the approvals required to perform the mission. The company’s suppliers maintain a check-in institute for all aircraft and carry out checks according to internationally accepted working hours.

Evacuation and transport of patients necessitates a great deal of responsibility starting from the aircraft crew, medical staff who are qualified for MEDEVAC training and aircraft including all the new and required medical equipment for the ambulance flight in one of the appropriate Cessna citation 650 or HAWKER 800XP ambulance aircraft. In addition, we can also provide flights on ultra-luxurious Global 6000 aircraft with a large flight range and aircraft year 2014 and above. The planes include a very large number of seats, the option of sleeping beds, and VIP service throughout the flight.

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