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Medical Air Transport in Canada: How to Choose the Best Air Ambulance Service in Canada

If you are looking at this article, chances are you are actively seeking an air ambulance for a near and dear one. It’s very crucial to do your due diligence at this point to choose the exemplary medical air transport service for your family member. Before we begin, here’s what you must know – with an excellent medical air transport company, the care starts as soon as you board the aircraft.

In times like this, picking the right air ambulance in Canada can be an arduous task, but to ensure the health and safety of your family member or friend, you have to be up to the task. When the time comes, it’s imperative that your loved ones are aboard the safest aircraft there is and in the most reliable hands.

To simplify the task and to aid you in picking the right medical air transport company, we have curated this article. Here are some valuable guidelines on how to choose the best air ambulance in Canada.

Pick a Company With Proper Accreditation

Make sure, double sure, and then for extra measure, triple sure that the air ambulance service you are picking has its accreditation in place. Look for either European Aeromedical Institute  or the Commission on Accreditation of Medical Transport Systems accreditation.

What accreditation means is that the service provider has undergone a battery of thorough reviews and tests. One of these tests includes independent physicians and health care experts performing on-site audits of the aircraft fleet. Therefore, if a company is accredited, you can rest assured that the air ambulance has met the highest standards in the world in terms of safety, medical, and quality.

Additionally, companies without proper accreditation indicate that they are not open to audit, which spells trouble. Give a wide berth to any such company to ensure the safety of yourself and your family. Lastly, the global insurance industry recognizes the EURAMI and CAMTS accreditation, which means you will be able to use insurance to cover the cost, which is a plus.

Check Out the Fleet of Aircrafts

An air ambulance provider wouldn’t be in the business without a good and appropriate fleet. Take a proactive approach and inquire about what aircraft they employ in their fleet and airlines they collaborate with.

This will give you an idea of how safe the air ambulance company is and a starting point to research on your own for peace of mind. Some of the best air ambulance aircraft include Cessna, Learjet, and Gulfstream III, among others. These aircraft have a longer range and faster speeds, which make them ideal for medical air transport.

When picking an air ambulance in Canada, look for those with a fleet of well-equipped aircraft. Ensure that the fleet is used only for medical air transport, equipped with bleeding-edge medical equipment, and capable of handling any sort of medical emergencies or weather conditions.

Ensure That There’s No Waiting Line

In medical emergencies, time is of utmost importance. A delay of an hour or two could be the difference between life and death. Therefore, the air ambulance company you pick should be able to respond to a crisis at the drop of a hat.

For this, they need to be on call 24/7 to provide services like global air ambulance repatriation, medevac response time, and emergency airlift. Therefore, enquire about how swift is the response time of the company you’re picking.

We understand that picking the proper air ambulance in Canada looks more like a herculean challenge than it is. However, be assured that with due diligence and the right questions, you’ll have the perfect company sorted out for an emergency.

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