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Our company organises urgent private flights and air ambulance flights to every destination in the world. Using a variety of ambulance aircraft models, we will match your request to the most ideal aircraft that will suit your individual needs and/or the patient’s condition. Personal care and treatment will ensure you and your family great comfort and safety from the moment we arrive until our task is complete In no time, the medical team and pilots will be prepared for each request, obtaining approval from the airport authorities and coordinating with the ground service company for monitoring ground ambulance vehicles to take us to the entrance of the aircraft.

The medical team is prepared for every situation and condition and is equipped with state-of-the-art medical equipment needed to maintain patient care and also intensive care. We offer full coordination for every 24 hour emergency flight and private flight request, with jet aircrafts for any purpose.  Our aircraft bases are located worldwide in the US and Europe, allowing fast service and affordable flight costs. 


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