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The global corona epidemic, which began to spread in China from December at the end of 2019, the point called COVID-19 is a witch that has passed from animals to humans and continues to spread at a high rate which now numbers over 180,000 infected people. The corona has taken the lives of thousands of people and started from China and since the middle of February the plague has spread all over the world. In March 2020, the Corona epidemic arrived in Israel and there are no 250 infected.

And some 3,000 civilians in isolation, governments around the world as part of the Corona fight are making a number of fateful decisions and eradicating the disease and reducing the number of other civilians by closing recreational and recreational spaces, reducing facilities, canceling events and conferences. The Corona epidemic is accompanied by a sharp and strong decline in the stock exchanges, closing the sky by the airport and eliminating where to proceed in normal routine life.


In March 2020, the corona epidemic does not stop and includes 300,000 patients, In Israel the number of patients exceeds 800 people The current infection rate in Italy is getting worse with 800 new patients every day and since the beginning of the outbreak 4825 have died. Italy The country with the highest number of victims who crossed China. Within a day in France there are 112 dead and 324 in Spain. Countries are under great strain in hospitals on the verge of collapse The number of doctors who are infected with the virus continues to rise as well. The average age of victims in Italy is 78.5 adult population and the mortality rate in Italy is higher than the rest of the world and stands at 8.6 percent.

April 2020 New York with 150,000 patients and puts herself in first place. In one day, 934 people died from Corona and 779 in New York, which overtook Spain and Italy. So far, New York State has reported that 149,316 people are infected with the Corona Spain virus in second place and Italy with 139,422 infected and are now in third place in the world. About 9,404 people are infected in Israel, 73 people died. Across the world, the corona virus continues to spread, raising a large number of patients and the dead: 1,501,061 infected, 87,830 dead, 319,214 recovered.

We carry out repatriation flights even for those who are not infected with the Corona virus and we allow it to be returned to its familiar environment. Home with private aircraft at your service all over the world.

Tourists or businessmen who are in a foreign country as part of their work and are infected with the corona virus can safely return with professional and dedicated equipment that corona viruses through an airborne medical staff who will perform all the necessary tests for the patient. Get the same medical treatment they prefer.

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