Prices for urgent private flights

17.3.2020 – Cozumel to Tel Aviv 123,500 EUR.

17.3.2020 Salvador Airport in Brazil to Tel aviv 112.200 EUR by the aircraft are Citation or Hawker 800XP.

19.3.2020 Las Vegas to Tel Aviv 157,500 EUR.

22.3.2020 Kabo island on the Philippines to Tel Aviv 114,400 EUR by the aircraft are Citation sovereign.

24.3.2020 Air Ambulance from Curacao to Amsterdam 248,300 EUR by Challenger 604 and medical Team including the ground ambulance and case of a Covid-19 infected patient.

26.3.2020 Air Ambulance From London to Dubai without any refuelling stops at all 112,200 EUR.

27.3.2020 Air Medical from Suceava Airport Romania to Tel Aviv 21,000 EUR by citation 5.

11.12.2020 privaet flight from Tebillisi To Tel Aviv UGTB // LLBG Private animal flying 17,000 EUR by citation bravo aircraft.

21.12.2020 AIr ambulanc COVID-19 patient from  N’Djamena To Tel Aviv  FTTJ // LLBG 58,200 EUR by learjet 35 aircraft.


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