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Top-Notch Service & Comfort for VIP Patients

We are a company that specializes in providing high-quality air ambulance services to patients across the world. Whether you are looking for a safer way to travel to a foreign country for medical treatment or have to urgently transfer a patient with traumatic injuries to the nearest medical facility, we have got your needs covered.

At Airjet Line, we have assimilated a fleet of aircraft, including private jets and helicopters, for patients in need of air ambulance services. The type of aircraft we provide depends on various factors, including the patient’s health condition and point of departure. We take the utmost care to ensure that every patient receives best-in-class amenities at the right time.

That is why apart from our standard air ambulance services, we have also curated a range of Executive Air Ambulance flights. If you are someone who wants maximum comfort along with state-of-the-art medical assistance, our Executive Air Ambulance flight is the right fit for you.

On-Board Facilities

Having operated international air ambulance flights for medical evacuation, treatment, and emergencies, our company has evolved into one of the most renowned names in this field. Our global experience has helped us curated a broad spectrum of onboard amenities to ensure that patients have a comfortable and safe flight.

To begin with, every aircraft is equipped with sophisticated medical tools and instruments. Stretchers, IV pumps, portable incubators, pacemakers – you name it, our Executive Air Ambulance flights are fitted with all necessary medical paraphernalia to tackle any emergencies during the journey.

We can even provide intensive care units and life support for critically ill patients. It is particularly useful for patients who have experienced serious injuries as a result of an accident or are suffering from a chronic life-threatening condition. Also, every patient is accompanied by a team of doctors, nurses, and paramedics, and the best-in-class cabin crew.

Apart from recruiting experienced pilots and cabin crew, we thoroughly vet and train medical personnel who will accompany you on your flight. From routine medical checkups to CPR and other emergency care protocols – our medical team leaves no stone unturned to ensure the patient’s safety and wellbeing.

What sets our Executive Air Ambulance flight apart is the ability to provide tailor-made solutions depending on the patient’s needs. Irrespective of whether you need a ground ambulance from the air ambulance base to the treatment facility or complete bed-to-bed transfer, we work round-the-clock to ensure your comfort.

The best part is that our team handholds your through every step right from the time you get in touch with us or send us your query. We can even handle and expedite immigration formalities for VIP patients who need urgent medical attention. Also, we collaborate with the top healthcare facilities across the globe, particularly in Europe and the U.S., to ensure that patients get the best possible care after reaching their destination.

Plus, you can even have a few family members accompany you on the flight. When it comes to Executive Air Ambulance flights, we only provide the best quality private jets and helicopters to ensure the comfort of patients and their family members. The final choice of vehicle depends on the patient’s point of departure, destination, and overall health.

We also offer custom solutions for patients with specific needs. For instance, we have purchased single-patient EpiShuttle units manufactured by EpiGuard to evacuate critically ill COVID patients. Each unit is equipped with its dedicated airflow system and can be plugged into ventilators or intensive care units as well.

Through the use of EpiShuttle units, we have successfully evacuated COVID patients from different countries without jeopardizing the safety of our medical personnel and cabin crew. When you book an Executive Air Ambulance flight with Airjet Line, you get access to all these amenities and much more.

Booking an Executive Air Ambulance

With our company, arranging an Executive Air Ambulance for a patient is as simple as reaching out to us via our website or a phone call. As soon as we receive your query, we assign a dedicated support executive who will understand your requirements.

Also, the executive will consult our medical personnel to evaluate the patient’s medical records and customize the best possible solution for them. Thereafter, we will handle various logistics, such as coordinating with ground ambulance services, immigration authorities, and the destination treatment facility. We will also assign a dedicated medical team, comprising doctors, paramedics, and nurses, for the patient.

Based on the patient’s health status, we will determine the necessary medical equipment needed for the journey. Thereafter, our team assumes complete responsibility for safely transferring the patient from their point of departure to the destination. Also, the onboard medical team will check the patient’s vitals and maintain a record that will be handed over to the patient’s official physician/surgeon.

Typically, our team will need 5 to 7 days to assess the patient’s needs and arrange the right air ambulance flight for them. However, in case of an emergency, we can coordinate the arrangements within 2 to 4 hours. Make sure you provide us with complete health records and the medical history of the patient to expedite the process.

When Should You Chose Executive Air Ambulance?

Irrespective of whether you opt for regular or executive air ambulance services, our team always strives to provide you with the best amenities and care. But if a patient wants extreme privacy and comfort while traveling for medical treatment, we highly recommend the Executive Air Ambulance flight. This service is also suitable for patients who want us to provide tailor-made solutions based on their needs.

Cost of Executive Air Ambulance Flight

There is no one-size-fits-all model to calculate the cost of an air ambulance. The same is true for our range of Executive Air Ambulance flights. Typically, it will depend on a wide array of factors, including the patient’s medical condition, point of departure, landing fees, hospital rates, immigrations, expenses, etc.

Also, the cost will vary based on the level of customization you need. Whether you are just looking for a cost estimate or want to book an air ambulance at the earliest, we recommend that your reach out to us.

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