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Medical repatriation between countries requires the intervention of experienced aviation agencies. Many reasons for using an ambulance flight and rescue rescue when a person is injured in an accident, or has an illness that forces him back to his home country. A situation that requires us to act quickly and to connect all relevant factors to make the urgent flight the safest and most convenient way for the patient.

At Airjetline, we have a specialized crew of experienced medical personnel who can repatriate patients safely back to the home country. So if you are trying to get yourself or your loved one safely back home, you can read this information to understand how we can assist you.

People always ask us how often we repatriate medical patients back to their home country. Unfortunately, we have to do it quite often since no one ever plans on falling ill while traveling overseas.

When people fall severely ill during their travel abroad, they want to come back to their home country so that they can get the best possible medical attention before things get worse.


How to understand the need for medical repatriations and the difference between medical evacuation?

Medical evacuation is needed when a person faces a serious medical problem that might not get solved in the country where he or she is located. Medical evacuation flights are a dire necessity when a patient is facing a life-threatening situation.

Medical evacuation is done with a combination of air and ground travel, depending on the location of the patient and the chosen receiving medical facility. However, sometimes people also prefer to be brought back to their home country because they can avail quality medical attention that is covered under their medical insurance. That is when a patient can claim entitlement for medical repatriation.

If the patient is looking for medical repatriation due to critical injuries sustained in a foreign country and cannot be moved to a medical facility in their home country by ground transports, he or she can book our medical repatriation flights.  It is essential to bring a patient back to the home country as soon as possible, or the medical conditions may deteriorate, and it can become impossible for him or her to fly. Medical repatriation also becomes essential to prevent medical debts from piling up in a foreign country. 

What type of challenges are faced by patients during the medical repatriation?

Patients can face several challenges while getting medical attention or repatriation overseas. One of the biggest challenges faced by our customers is communication, which makes it difficult for them to get the required treatment and medical care.

At Airjetline, we often work with translators who can provide us with the required information necessary to prepare for medical flights. Since our medical personnel also require visas to fly to the country where the patient is, the coordination team works to obtain them.

The process normally takes a day, but in certain circumstances, it can also take a little longer, depending on the country. 

Can the patient or the family members choose the medical facility for treatment?

When a patient needs to be brought home on a medical transport by air, we discuss the choice of the medical facility so that they are prepared to provide the optimal medical care. Our coordination team would also recommend some medical institutions based on their experience.

However, patients and family members must understand that the choice of the facility would also depend on the medical state of the patient. Since the medical repatriation flights would have to land at the nearest airport, they might have to cover some distance by land. If the patient is not completely stable, it is best to keep the travel distance to a minimum.

Our medical flight coordination team works with the receiving facilities to ensure that everything is ready before the patient arrives.

How to ensure the patient’s stability before the flight?

At Airjetline, we always run a thorough medical evaluation of the patient and carefully check the records before we board the flight. We consult with the local team of doctors and nurses to ensure the patient’s stability before they handover the patient to us.

Once they are brought on board, we perform a thorough evaluation after placing them on the bed to make sure that they are in a condition to fly. Our air ambulances are completely equipped with the latest medical technologies that are available in any hospital room.

Our jets also fly higher than helicopters so that there is less turbulence and the patient can have a smoother flight.

Does insurance cover the cost of medicinal repatriation?

Since every patient has a different repatriation insurance plan, it is best to check beforehand how much coverage they will get. Insurance for medical evacuation and repatriation is available with commercial insurance providers.

Therefore it is always advisable for people to research and get adequate repatriation coverage before they travel overseas. Please note that the insurance providers would only cover the cost of a flight to the nearest medical facility in your home country, and it may not match your choice. 

What are the types of equipment present on our flights?

Every Airjetline flight can be equipped with the following:

  • Life support stretchers
  • Ventilators
  • Oxygen supplies
  • Suction systems
  • Three-channel IV medical pumps
  • Multiple drip facilities


Other than these, several other kinds of equipment can also be brought onboard, depending on the necessity of the patient.

Performing the return home process

Performing the return home process requires full coordination with the appropriate type of aircraft to perform the mission, medical staff including advanced patient safety equipment during flight and coordination with ambulance vehicles to collect the patient from the departure state to the ambulance vehicle for the patient from the country of arrival.

How fast a flight can be made

The medical flight can be made within 3 hours of receiving the approval and passport documents and exit visas for the patient and the escorts. Through our fleet of aircraft and the medical staff accompanying the aircraft, we can make all preparations for the flight in a fast and secure way, including coordination with ambulance vehicles to collect the patient to the airport through a quick entrance to the aircraft door to facilitate the entire security inspection process at the airports.

Medical repatriation will be done on a variety of aircraft.

For each aircraft with varied flight capabilities, the size of the aircraft greatly influences the rapid arrival in the country of birth or the country in which the patient chooses to come for surgery or supervision. An ambulance flight requires as fast response times as possible so we know exactly how to offer you a number of right options for direct flight without refueling stops

With our Types Of Aircraft or Rescue Helicopters that can carry out special flights and pick up casualties from difficult places and without minimum arrival capacity.

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