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KACY ACY Atlantic City International Airport Atlantic City 1870 m
KTEB TEB Teterboro Airport New York 2134 m
KEWR EWR Newark Liberty International Airport Newark 3350 m

Air Ambulance in New Jersey

Air Ambulance Service in New Jersey: Finding the Best Medical Air Transport Provider in New Jersey

Did you know that the first air medical transport flight was launched in 1918 during the first World War? It was when the French Air Service flew a Serbian officer from the battlefield to a nearby hospital.

In the early days, medical flights were used during times of war. Then, national leaders and VIPs began using air ambulance services. Soon, though, medical flights became available to the common public, and that is where we are today.

Air ambulances have become an essential part of healthcare emergencies. Perhaps the most significant demonstration of the fact was seen during the early stages of the COVID-19 pandemic. They became a valuable transportation option for coronavirus patients. 

Benefits of Medical Air Transport Services

Not all medical facilities or hospitals can provide your loved one with the service or care they need. In many cases, it’s because of a lack of resources or skilled medical personnel. You might have no other option but to move your loved one to a different hospital or medical center. 

However, a better hospital may not be available for hundreds of miles. Taking a critically ill patient on such a long journey isn’t feasible. Commercial flights cannot accommodate critical patients either, which is why you need an air ambulance service.

A vital benefit of medical air transportation services is that the patient gets quality medical care on board. That is because air ambulances are designed to fit necessary medical equipment like heart monitors and life support machines. So, even when traveling a long distance, the patient is continuously being monitored and treated.

Moreover, air ambulances are super-fast, which means your patient will reach the desired healthcare facility within no time. Air travel is safer and more convenient than land, especially for critical patients.

Why Choose AirJet.Line?

You’ll find many air ambulance services operating in New Jersey. However, not all of them will provide the same service and satisfaction as AirJet.Line.

At AirJet.Line, we prioritize client satisfaction over everything else. That means we strive to offer the best possible experience to every patient, making sure that they’re comfortable and receive quality treatment even when flying miles above sea level.

Here are a few reasons why you should consider AirJet.Line the next time you are looking for air ambulances in New Jersey:

Bed-to-Bed Transfers

We understand the hassle patients have to go through while transferring the patient from the airport to the hospital. We provide bed-to-bed transfers in New Jersey to transfer patients to nearby hospitals after landing at airports like Atlantic City International Airport, Newark Liberty International Airport, Trenton Mercer Airport, and many more. 

Professional In-Flight Care

Our in-flight medical team is trained to deal with all sorts of medical emergencies. Besides, we have all the necessary equipment on board to help them cater to any type of medical situation. We ensure that our patients get the best treatment on board before transferring them to the receiving facility. 

Experienced Flight Crew

Apart from our top-notch medical staff, our flight crew understands the importance of the service they’re providing. So, they are extra careful while flying and maneuvering the plane to ensure that the patient is always comfortable.

So, the next time you find yourself looking for an air ambulance service in New Jersey, don’t forget to reach out to us.


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