Airports in New York

ICAO IATA Name Location Length
KBUF BUF Buffalo Niagara International Airport Buffalo 2470 m
KJFK JFK John F Kennedy International Airport New York City 3460 m
KFRG FRG Republic Airport New York 2080 m

Air Ambulance in New York

Air Ambulance Service in New York Factors to Consider When Looking for Medical Air Transport in New York

Medical air ambulance flights are extremely crucial for every healthcare emergency. Whether you’ve got a critically ill friend or a family member who’s been injured in an accident, finding an air ambulance at the right time can go a long way to improve the likelihood of survival of your loved ones.

Medical flights are particularly useful when a patient is situated in a remote, inaccessible location. They’re just as crucial for transferring donor organs between hospitals.

Apart from outstanding speed and safety, air ambulances are also designed to provide top-notch patient care. New-age medical flights are equipped with a wide array of sophisticated equipment – from heart monitors and external pacemakers to portable incubators and ECMO machines.

Air ambulances are ideal when a patient needs to travel more than 500 km, and can’t fly in a commercial airline.

Air ambulance operators leave no stone unturned to ensure that they’re prepared to handle mid-air emergencies. They’re equipped to cater to a patient’s medical needs as well.

But it’s worth keeping in mind that not all air ambulance services in New York are created equal. Here are a few things you should keep in mind when you’re looking for air ambulances in New York:


If you’re looking to transfer a loved one to a medical facility in or outside New York, make sure you find an air ambulance operator with a wide reach. Look for a company that operates flights to all major cities in New York, including New York City, Albany, Buffalo, Syracuse, Rochester, and more.

Depending on the patient’s needs, you might need to find a company that operates flights across the globe.


It’s crucial to have a clear idea of why you’re looking for an air medical transportation service. Are you looking to transfer a loved one from a remote location in New York to the nearest healthcare facility? Or do you have an ill family member who needs to be evacuated to or from a foreign country?

Your answers to these questions will determine the type of air ambulance service you should select. The good thing is that any standard New York air ambulance company will specialize in a broad spectrum of services, from medical evacuation to specialized flights for COVID-19 patients.


The last thing you want is to choose an air ambulance company that isn’t accredited by a respectable authority, such as the European Aeromedical Institute or the Commission on Accreditation of Medical Transport Systems.

Apart from jeopardizing patient safety, non-accredited air ambulance operators aren’t covered in healthcare insurance plans. Also, the absence of accreditation indicates that the company hasn’t gone through adequate safety checks and on-site audits.

So, as a ground-rule, you should always opt for an air ambulance company that has been accredited by an established authority.


The best air ambulance services in New York offer a wide array of services, including bed-to-bed transfers, top-notch customer service, and medical repatriation. Additionally, they go out of their way to ensure patient safety and comfort. Look for a company that offers additional services, such as paperwork and ground transportation, sea-level flights, pediatric transfer, and organ transport.

Finding a safe and reliable New York air ambulance service isn’t rocket science. Evaluate your options, and choose an accredited company that utilizes the latest tech innovations in medical air transportation.


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