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Air Ambulance in New York City

Medical Air Transport in New York City

How to Find the Best Air Ambulance Service in NYC

Air ambulance services have always played an important role in providing emergency medical care to critically ill patients. They’re ideal for patients who need to travel for more than 500 km and are in no shape to fly on a commercial airline. They’re just as useful for the medical repatriation of patients from foreign countries.

Whether you’ve got a terminally ill family member who needs to be transferred to a medical facility, or a friend who’s been severely injured in an accident, air ambulance services in New York City will ensure that your loved one receives proper medical attention at the earliest.

The Importance of Air Ambulance Services

The role of medical flights isn’t restricted to healthcare emergencies. During the COVID-19 pandemic, they’ve assumed an increasingly important role in safely transporting patients without increasing the risk of transmission.

Modern air ambulances are equipped with portable isolation pods, making them an ideal transportation option for coronavirus patients. A medical air ambulance can be used to transfer COVID-19 patients to hospitals without exposing the onboard crew to any pathogens.

These isolation units come with an in-built airflow system, and can even be plugged into onboard life-support equipment, such as ventilators and ECMO machines.

Apart from helping COVID-19 patients, air medical transportation services also come in handy for organ transport from one hospital to another. 


Choosing the Best Air Ambulance Service in New York City

If you’re looking for air ambulance flights in NYC, you’ll find quite a few top-notch operators. But it’s crucial to analyze your options, and identify the right fit for your needs.

Here are a few factors you should consider before selecting a New York air ambulance service:

Accreditation and Reviews

Not all air ambulance operators are created equal. The ones that are accredited by a respectable authority, such as the European Aeromedical Institute, go through extensive safety checks and on-site audits. Rest assured that these operators maintain the highest quality standards.

Before you choose an air ambulance company in New York City, make sure you check their accreditation. Visit their website for more information about the company. Also, don’t forget to search for their reviews, ratings, and client testimonials.

Medical Amenities

Any standard air ambulance operator in New York City will provide your loved ones with top-notch medical facilities and equipment, including heart monitors, external pacemakers, mechanical ventilators, IBAP brackets, IV pumps, ultrasound devices, and more.

The best air ambulance services ensure that each aircraft is equipped to address a patient’s medical needs during any mid-air emergencies. Also, they assign a medical crew, comprising trained paramedics, nurses, and physicians, to monitor the patient’s health during the flight.

The best medical flight operators provide a wide array of additional services, such as sea-level flights, medevac, and transfer of neonatal and pediatric patients.

Also, find out whether the air ambulance service provides transfers from the airport in NYC to nearby hospitals, including Mount Sinai Hospital, NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital, and Queens Hospital Center.

Insurance Coverage

While evaluating different air ambulance flights, it’s important to find out whether the patient’s current insurance plan covers the cost of medical air transport. Otherwise, you’ll need to upgrade their coverage.

Closing Thoughts

If you’re looking to urgently transfer a loved one to a hospital in or around New York City, finding the right air ambulance operator is crucial. Look for accredited companies that offer a wide array of medical amenities and services.

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