Airports in Ukraine

ICAO IATA Name Location Length
UKLR RWN Rivne International Airport Rivne 2600m
UKOO ODS Odessa International Airport Odessa 2800m
UKBB KBP Boryspil International Airport Kiev 4000m
UKHH HRK Kharkiv Airport Kharkiv 2500 m

Medical repatriation Ukraine

We provide an emergency transfer of patients from a foreign country where they are staying while traveling and traveling with the family or while on work. When an individual goes overseas, an air ambulance service can be performed that includes a plane with medical personnel and all the equipment required for it.

medical repatriation from ukraine

Urgent medical flights from Ukraina from any airport near you are possible in just one hour. We will make every effort to provide maximum comfort in patient collection and transfer to the aircraft.

medical repatriation to ukraine

When a Ukrainian citizen is stuck in a foreign country and unable to fly a commercial flight due to his health condition. We can provide and plan for him and his family a private flight which includes doctors on the plane and keeping his safety and patient comfort.

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