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Medical repatriation Eindhoven – Netherlands

Eindhoven – Netherlands airport is an airport located 7.6 km west of Eindhoven in North Brabant. It is the main international airport serving Eindhoven in the Netherlands. The Netherlands has a large number of hospitals  For instance, Catharina Ziekenhuis situated 5.6 km from Eindhoven – Netherlands airport and  3km to the North of the center.


Medical flights from Eindhoven – Netherlands

Medical flight from Eindhoven – Netherlands to any destination in the world can be accomplished by our experienced staff. The central hospital allows easy and quick access to the nearest airport and the plane and crew will wait for the patient to fly it safely to any medical center in the world. We recommend first contacting us for consultation and planning the medical flight operation together with the aircraft crew and medical staff.

Medical repatriation from Eindhoven – Netherlands

Tourists arriving in the Netherlands usually make a list of all the hospitals in case they need medical care while traveling. But they do not speculate that medical flight back to their country will also be needed. First of all, if you read the article we suggest you keep our phone number +44 (20) 8068 0205 We are available 24/7, and we would be happy to assist and advise in any medical flight case. We provide medical repatriation from Eindhoven – Netherlands with outstanding patient care.


Medical repatriation to Eindhoven – Netherlands

One of our most memorable repatriation to Eindhoven – Netherlands flight operations is a 1-year-old baby girl from India who had to undergo open-heart surgery at Central Hospital. We were very pleased that we were able to help her and her family safely reach their destination. But the operation was not simple – the baby needed a unique medical device that only she could fly with, we located the unique device, in a neighboring country and were able to bring it to us within a few days. After 5 days of the operation, the baby and her family arrived safely in the Netherlands.

AIRJET.LINE retains an extensive fleet which includes both helicopters and jets, we provide 24/7 ambulance services to and from the airport, air ambulance services which include on-board doctors and paramedics as well as private charters to your choosing. Contact us now by filling out your details below and let us make sure that your needs are met by the quickest, safest and most efficient medical air service available

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